Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Posters

Last night Zack Snyder tweeted a couple of pieces of IMAX variant posters, which you can see in this post.

IMAX do really nice variant posters, and these are no exception. They look. every bit like the sort of poster you’d find pasted to every surface in a busy city, complete with wrinkles. I prefer the Superman one of the two, the bat torn into the poster is a great effect and makes the who thing feel like some sort of propaganda gander campaign.

So it would appear that the event will be an IMAX exclusive trailer for BvS then? Im loving the #AFewExtraShotsPlusALittleSwag hashtag!

Looks like ZackMan (or Snyder-Man Im not sure which I prefer!) has the marketing for BvS nailed down, but can he maintain this pace until next year? We, as an audience are notoriously fickle with short attention spans, so we will lose interest and move on if he doesn’t pace himself. Having said that this is Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice, perhaps this is the only film other than Star Wars that is immune to promotional fatigue?

Heres the trailer we all get to enjoy then:

So what do we think, is Zack Snyder making all the right promotional moves? Will we get tried of the movie between now and its release? What can we expect at Comic Con this year? Should it be ZackMan of Snyder-Man? Have you say in the comments below!