Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

Its that time delay again! I woke up to the release of a new Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice (BvS) trailer this morning via Zack Syder’s twitter account. I have to say, some of the footage we expected but on the whole i really dig it. Check it out below:

The trailer for BvS was revealed in the tweet below:

Wow! That is dark. I thin owe expected this to be a serious take on bit the Man of Steel and Batman but I don’t think i was ready for so much darkness. I asked this when we saw Man Of Steel: where is the joy? 

Having just seen the Daredevil series on Netflix, I’m all for a little darkness, it can sometimes help add weight to out heroes situation, But this seems pretty pour. I have to reserve judgement until I’ve seen the movie though because it does look bloody good (but so did MOS!) and it looks exceptionally well made. Still, in the wake of the joyous reveal of the new Star Wars trailer this week, I’m looking to capture that feeling from now on, where i have to choke back the tears for two minutes. 

Do we get our first Lex Luther comment in this trailer? We haven’t seen or heard much from him yet, but at the twenty five second mark someone says “Alien” with utter sedan in their voice. Could that be Jesse Eisenberg’s Luther? There is also a passage about devils coming fro the sky that sounds very much like Eisenberg.

We know the character hates Superman, is he behind the character assassination that seems to bleed all over this trailer? Superman certainly doesn’t represent the bright light I associate with the character. Is that what puts Superman and Batman at odds? So many questions! I feel like The Riddler.

Something else we get here is the first form Jeremy Irons’ Alfred Pennyworth as he coaches Bruce about the origins of cruelty. Who is he referencing? Is that powerless man Luther? Or Bruce?