Avengers Age Of Ultron Hot Toys

Sideshow Collectables’ Hot Toy range of premium action figures have had my wallet in a permanent state of panic for the longest time now. At 12 inches and many hundreds of pounds these items are both highly desirable and firmly in the “one day” section of my life. 

The company’s latest range of products gives us a little more than geek envy and chest pains though, as they give us a little bit of insight into Joss Whedon’s Avengers Age Of Ultron. Specifically a few characters that will feature in the movie. There’s not much here we haven’t seen in the trailers, but we do get a few names for things that help clarify exactly what’s going on, and who’s who. 

Firstly, James “Rhodey” Rhodes is in the movie, which we already new thanks to a Don Cheadle’s appearance in an early trailer. What wasn’t clear until recently was whether it’d be Iron Patriot or War Machine buddying up with the Avengers in the film. Thanks to Hot Toys we know it’ll be War Machine, and a Mark II version of the armour. Here’s a look at the toy version: 

That’s pretty sweet! Now I’m going to speculate about the movie’s plot. It’s just speculation so there’s nothing to get bent out of shape over but I’m going to give a spoiler warning. Jump over the italisized text to avoid potentially spoilery fan speculation!   

“I think Rhodey will die in Avengers Age Of Ultron. I believe Whedon will want to kill a beloved character in this movie to add a little weight to it, it’ll need to affect Tony Stark to motivate his action in Civil War, but I don’t think he will take out any top tier characters like Banner/Hulk or Natasha/Black Widow. Rhodey will make the perfect sacrifice. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect I’m right.”  – Just my theory!

One thing we do know about the film is that Tony has been “tinkering” again. No doubt he has been inspired by J.A.R.V.I.S.’ control over his suits during the “house party” protocol section of Iron Man 3, and now wants a Thunderbirds style (there are no strings anyone?) international response team that can take the place of the Avengers in an emergency. There has been a presidence for this in the comics called the Iron Legion (I was referring to the aforementioned House Party Protocol as the Iron Legion during Iron Man 3 which makes me all kinds of wrong!) and it looks like we get it in Avengers Age Of Ultron if this Hot Toy is to be believed.

I have to think that Stark has been trying to find a way to mobilise an army of suits, his “armour around the world”, and that his search for a more competent AI to control it will lead to the “birth” of Ultron. I’ve long speculated about Ultron’s origin in the MCU, and my best guess is that it is equal parts J.A.R.V.I.S. and project insight from Captain America The Winter Soldier. One thing is for sure, however he comes into being, Ultron will be building his own army. One of his sentries is below: 

As for the big guy himself; well, if the image below is any indication the Ultron AI takes over the Iron Legion. At least one of Tony’s drones becomes Ultron Mark I.

I’m not certain if the final Ultron we see is Mark II or if we will see more iterations of the character before the final act of the movie, but one thing seems certain: Ultron takes after his father! Early indications are that its Ultron who creates The Vision in the film (as in the comics!) in an effort to thwart the Avengers.  

By far the coolest of the Hot Toys range is the massive Hulk Buster armour! Clearly Tony has been expecting the day that Banner loses his grip, and has constructed a way to go toe to toe with the big guy. I cannot wait to see this onscreen! 

So, to close this little look into Avengers Age Of Ultron via a range of Hot Toys, let’s take another look at the awesome Avengers Age Of Ultron trailer: 

So what do you think of these high end toys? Are they giving us more detail on the most anticipated movie this side of December? Do you have any theories about Avengers Age Of Ultron or the movies that follow? Drop ‘em in the comments…