Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer and Reaction!

Before we go any further, if you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out here:

Right, who’s excited? Being a fan of all the Evil Dead films (yes, Army of Darkness and the recent remake too) I’m glad to see Evil Dead return to its roots. Mostly due to Bruce Campbell reviving his favorite Deadite slaying, titular character: Ash! The trailer showcases the back-story for the show; Ash reveals his personal tale of how 30 years prior to the show he was indeed in a cabin in the woods where they found the Necronomicon, the book of the dead.  Ash has kept the Necronomicon, which “awoke something in the woods…something evil” after certain passages from the book were recited. Now after all this time this evil has caught up with Ash and his new gang of misfits and they must save the world from an invasion of Deadites.

In an interview with the guys from Nerdist from San Diego Comic Con, Bruce revealed how Ash is the exact same character just older. The trailer backs this up further with Ash still having a bank of witty one liners and a hoard of original sayings. As well as his signature collection of weaponry. Lucy Lawless was also on the panel as she will feature in the series as Ruby, Ash’s human nemesis. Ruby is the daughter of Professor Knowby, the original guardian of the Necronomicon, thus setting up their feud.  The pair teased Easter Eggs in the interview but for those with a keen eye will have noticed there are a few in the trailer already.    

“Here’s the plan: We bust in, fight through all the carnage, let the boomstick do the talking. If things get hairy, use your bottle.”  – Ash

It’s got frights, it’s got laughs. Monsters and boomsticks. Blood and gore. Every episode is going to be a perfect date night movie! The episodes are going to be half hour in length and it premiers on Halloween in the States. The pilot episode was directed by Sam Raimi, so familiar faces on screen and behind the camera. Alas we are without an air date at the moment in the UK but I’m hoping it won’t be too long after the US premier that it hits our shores. In the words of the man himself, it’s going to be groovy!

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