Along Came A Spider (Almost)

Are the Russo Brother teasing us with images of the new Spider-Man costume from the set of Civil War? If so are we going to get a totally different looking Spider-Man as he enters the MCU?

Last night I saw a tweet from the Russo Brothers that has me thinking I might not be totally happy with the direction Marvel are going with the new Spider-Man. The tweet came from @Russo_Brothers and the feed, which is relatively new and only 10 tweets long, is full of cryptic imagery.

Its worth pointing out that this account is yet to be verified so it could be some randy playing silly thingys and creating a lot of fuss, but what if it aint? What if we are getting images from the set that are designed to lay the ground work for one of the biggest events in genre film for years: Spider-Man coming home to Marvel. Here are a couple of the tweets for you to mull over.

We will start with the big one. This is thought to be a look at the new costume, the one featured in the header image to this post.

I guess it could be anything, but if it is a hint that the new suit will differ from the old blue and red suit, I’ll be a little bit disappointed.

So I looked at some of the other tweeted images on this account and found a few things to draw comfort from. Like the next couple of images.

The comfort comes from the fact that there is really nothing here! If you read the comments you can see people desperately trying to make something from nothing. My guess is this is a spoof account trying to build anticipation for a supposed reveal. Click bate if you like. Or it could be a genuine account that’s being too clever for its own good.¬†

What do you think. Are we seeing genuine leaks from the set of Civil War? Are we building toward a reveal that will suddenly make sense of these random images? Or is this a spoof account playing with our geek emotions? Have your say in the comments below…

Thanks for reading