When I was younger - yes there was such a time. In between Star Wars, Jaws and Battle of the Planets I did, on occasion see the news.

When you are between the ages of about 6-18, generally the news is something to turn over.

But sometimes events are so vivid and long term that they do make you look….

Things like the miners strike in the UK and the troubles in Northern Ireland. Events that awlays made me concerned, though in reality I knew little about the core issue.

Last night I watched ‘71. The story of a private, who, on his first manoeuvrings is marooned in Belfast among the streets of hatred.

I have to admit, if this is any real reflection on the kinds of events that took place, I had no idea.

No idea on the tension. No idea on the hatred. No idea of the danger and no idea of the underground corruption.

It was, to say the least extremely entertaining and equally disturbing. The fact that you’ve just seen your mate killed and knowing you are next unless you run is very well captured in this film. It takes the whole “chase” idea and weaves more tension into it via the streets and alleys creating an urban maze not knowing what’s around the next corner.

The performances are all first class, particularly for me Killian Scott as Quinn, both menacing and intriguing.

I must add this is not easy going Friday night viewing. Don’t expect gloss and cool endings.

But it is classy, gritty, captivating and somewhat eductaional.

Thanks for reading

Geek Paul